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​Meridan State College is pleased to share that we have been accepted into the exclusive Queensland Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Gateway to Industry School program (GISP).

The Gateway to Industry Schools program is proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government.

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is managing the program in conjunction with the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT).

‘The Gateway to Industry Schools program is a key industry engagement strategy for the department and aligns with the department's vision for all Queenslanders to have the skills and opportunities to participate and prosper in the economy.

The program builds partnerships between schools and industry to enable young people to acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes to participate effectively in the Queensland economy and provides opportunities for industry and the education sector to work together to deliver outcomes for students, local communities and businesses.

Students participating in the program are exposed to a range of learning experience to assist them in their career choices and pathways to employment.’
(Source: DESBT, Gateway to Industry Schools program,

The aims of ICT GISP are simple:
• Promote the ICT Industry to students and parents as an outstanding career choice
• Raise awareness of the hundreds of different and interesting ICT roles within this career choice
• Highlight the different study and training pathways to enable students to prepare for an ICT career
• Connect schools and students with ICT Industry Partners to provide industry experience
• Provide ICT GISP schools with access to teacher training and resources

Meridan State College has established a connection with NBN Co, and we look forward to working with NBN Co to create new and engaging experiences for our students, especially those studying Digital Technology, Digital Solutions and Certificate III IDMT (Information, Digital Media and Technology).

We will also be connected to a state-wide network of technology industry professionals.

As part of our focus on lifting the digital capability of Australia, nbn™ Australia is pleased to partner with the ACS (Australian Computer Society) through the Gateway to Industry Schools Program and in particular to work with Meridan Plains State College in the Sunshine Coast. This partnership will help provide for their secondary school STEM and Digital Technologies students insight into the industry, telecommunications network and career pathways. It also provides a valuable opportunity for nbn to further engage and collaborate with industry partners involved in the Gateway to Industry Program including the Sunshine Coast Council, HeliMods and ENTAG.

A career in ICT can cater for all types of academic, personal and professional passions.

The emerging technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution (3D printing, Virtual and Augmented Realities, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, etc) deliver even more possibilities, and are built upon the legacy of software development, data and coding.

Put simply, there is a career for everyone in the tech world, and it can be flexible, creative, fun and well-paid.

It is never too early to start considering a career in technology. The ICT Career Wheel is a great place to start getting enthusiastic about a career in ICT.

For more information and videos by industry professionals, please access the following links and get in touch with [careers advisor at school and/or ICT GISP Contact]:

• ICT Gateway to Industry Schools program website ​

• ICT Career Pathways & Information for Students

• Australian Tech professionals talking about their careers

• Gateway to Industry Schools program (DESBT)

• The Australian Computer Society -

• The ACS Foundation Students Tool Kit​

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Last reviewed 26 May 2021
Last updated 26 May 2021