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Welcome to Meridan State College! 


Meridan State College is a co-educational Independent Public School which caters for students from Prep to Year 12. The Primary campus opened in 2006, Junior Secondary in 2008 and the Senior Secondary campus in 2010. 

While still a relatively new school, it has already established a reputation as a high performing school with an emphasis on quality teaching and high standards of behaviour in a safe, supportive environment. 

The College boasts a distinctive sub school structure which fosters the education of this broad age range of students in modern campuses which have been purpose designed to cater for each cohort at their specific age of development. The Primary campus caters for students from Prep to Year 6, Junior Secondary for students in Years 7, 8 and 9, and Years 10 to 12 in Senior Secondary. Each sub school has its own campus and identity within the site but is aligned with the direction and focus of the College entity. A dense rainforest divides the site creating an attractive environment and providing a separation of the sub schools. A boardwalk which transverses the rainforest links the sub schools and provides for unique learning experiences for our students in a beautiful, natural environment.

The rationale behind the sub school structure is embedded in a body of research which indicates that small schools within a larger school have the potential to significantly enhance educational outcomes for students while facilitating the transition through the different phases of learning. The sub school structure also enhances the positive aspects of a small school while increasing access to the extensive facilities and resource efficiencies of a large school. The P-12 structure of our College also enriches the family environment of our College in which our older students take pride in being the role models and caring for the younger children.

At Meridan we are very conscious of the responsibility we have for educating our students through their entire primary and secondary education and we value the opportunities it allows. We are passionate in our commitment to help them reach their potential at each phase of schooling and make a successful transition to work or further study. Our College offers many diverse and enriched programs which provides all students with the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability and to develop their talents in all of the academic, cultural, social and sporting areas. Our staff are our greatest asset and we set high expectations for ourselves as educators and work hard to achieve them.

While Meridan is very much a College of the future, we place great importance on ‘old fashioned’ values, such as good manners, considerate behaviour and pride in our College and ourselves. We believe that education is a partnership between the home and the school, and we greatly value parent involvement as fully as time and commitments allow. Our parent community is very supportive of our endeavours to provide the very best educational experience possible for our students, in a safe, secure and happy environment.

Kerri Jones

College Director


Last reviewed 17 July 2020
Last updated 17 July 2020