Enrolling at our school


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enrolment process

Parents or caregivers must be the adults enrolling the students. 

1. Check the Queensland Government

EdMap of Catchment Areas to make sure you are eligible to apply for enrolment at Meridan State College.  This is part of our Enrolment Management Plan.

2. Complete and submit the necessary forms and documents.

Form 1 in links to the right/below is required. Please provide the Original Student's Birth Certificate for us to sight and to record the Certificate Number.

Form 2 (Secondary) or 3 (Primary) is required if you consent for your student to use online services to support student learning. ​

Provide copies of the following supporting documentation: 

    • Latest report cards
    • Custodial papers (if applicable) 
    • Special Needs and/or additional medication or health information
    • Proof of residential address (eg. utilities bill, lease agreement...)

Download, complete and submit Forms 1, 2 or 3 and all supporting documents in person to our Executive Office Administration.

Or alternatively completed forms and all supporting documents can be emailed to  

3. An Enrolment Interview is booked only when ALL paperwork is received.

New enrolments 

  • Student Resource Scheme information will be available in Term 4. 
  • New Prep parents, please complete forms 1 and 3 as soon as possible and return with copies of required documents as outlined above and book an enrolment interview.  Please see the Prep Enrolment page for additional information.
  • New Year 7 parents, please complete forms 1 and 2 as soon as possible and return with copies of required documents as outlined above.  These enrolments will not require an interview, however if you would like one to discuss the learning needs of your child then please make an appointment through the Executive Centre office.  It is expected that students enrolling without an interview will participate in our Transition Program.
  • New years 1 to 6 and years 8 to 12 parents please follow the process outlined in steps 1- 3 above.

Considerations Regarding Documentation Required

  • All enrolments require proof of age. A full birth certificate must be provided for all students.
  • If you are coming from interstate or overseas you must have a birth certificate or acceptable proof of birth e.g. extract. A passport is not sufficient.
  • Report cards and records of previous schooling are helpful particularly with interstate enrolments. Student's most recent report cards are requested to assist with class placements.
  • Special needs information for a child being placed into our special education unit. Reports from specialists or medical practitioners and health workers help us to meet the needs of your child.
  • Medication forms need to be completed if your child has any specific problem requiring the administration of medication. These medications must have clear written instructions about quantity and time of administration. Further information around medication requirements will be discussed at the enrolment interview. 

Existing parents 

All changes to students details are required to be submitted in writing via the change to student details form​. Please help us keep your child’s information up to date. Advise us urgently if: 

  • You change your address
  • There is a change in your emergency contact number
  • Any significant changes occur with regard to your child’s health
  • You feel we should know of any other changes which concern your child e.g. work phone numbers, custody/court orders. 
Last reviewed 08 August 2022
Last updated 08 August 2022