​​​​​​​​​During your stay with us at Meridan State College we understand that you would like to take every opportunity you can to travel to see what our beautiful country has to offer. 

At Meridan College we give our students the opportunity to travel to locations such as Fraser Island, Tangalooma Island Resort and even Sydney. 

Your International Student Coordinator organises and facilitates these trips each term so it is important to register your interest early.

Please note these travel opportunities are subject to student numbers and must have a minimum number of student participants to proceed.​

Cairns Trip 
Where​ The Great Barrier Reef Meets The Daintree Rainforest

The International Cairns trip not only ticks the bucket list of visiting the breathtaking “Great Barrier Reef”, but it also allows our students to see the stunning Daintree Rainforest from below and above and many more amazing tourist attractions during this 4 day trip. Students will be exposed to Australian Culture at its best and take away memories to recall for a lifetime.

Lady Elliot, Great Barrier Reef Trip

Lady Elliot Island is a small southern island on the tip of the heritage listed Great Barrier Reef and it offers over 1200 species of fish and marine life and is home to the giant manta rays and green turtles. Meridan State College offer a 3-day trip to the Island, where students can snorkel on one of the most spectacular coral reefs and truly make memories they will never forget.​

Tangalooma Island Resort

Located on Moreton Island, less than an hour’s ferry ride from Brisbane you will arrive at this breathtaking destination. At Tangalooma Island Resort you will have the opportunity to snorkel the 15 sunken shipwrecks just off the island where you can see an abundance of marine life and turtles. Then how about sand tobogganing down some of the largest sand dunes. But the highlight would have to be hand  feeding a wild dolphin. All accommodation, meals, water activities are included in the amazing 3 day adventure that will not forget. 

Fr​aser Island

Fraser Island is a world heritage listed site and the largest sand island in the world and at the top of every traveller’s bucket list when visiting Australia. Here you will have the opportunity to explore the Island and all its beauty in a 4WD (four wheel drive) tour across the island stopping at spectacular destinations such as Lake Mackenzie, Eli Creek, Champagne rock pools, Indian Head and the spectacular “Coloured Sands”. During your stay you will meet some of the local wildlife and be educated on the history of the Island. The fun filled trip 3 day trip will include accommodation and most meals.

Last reviewed 22 July 2022
Last updated 22 July 2022