Sport Academy


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Meridan Sport Academy is a program designed to allow talented athletes from within the College to work with other like-minded students to enhance their sporting knowledge, ability and general motivation.  It is designed to deliver the same outcomes as the Steps to Success (STS) program, but through a sporting context in a way that will benefit and enhance the student's natural sporting ability. 

This unique program encompasses essential concepts such as: 

  • Leadership Development 
  • Team Building Skills 
  • Personal Development 
  • Positive Community Participation 
  • Sports Psychology including characteristics of successful people 
  • Fitness Profiling and Development 
  • Fundamental Skills Profiling 
  • Injury Prevention and Management; 
  • Competition Preparation; and 
  • Diet and Nutrition.

Sport Academy also provides additional support during heavy training periods or times of elite competition away from school for our very best athletes.  It aims to assist students in finding a balance between education and sport, where both can exist and a student can meet their potential in both areas. 

Academy students can range from naturally gifted performers across a number of different disciplines who maybe heavily committed a variety of training and competition across a season or year.  Academy students' maybe elite athletes in a specific discipline whose commitment to training and success may impact on their education from time to time, this could include our talented dancers and performers.  Academy students may also excel in areas which usually go unrecognized at school as they are not typical school-based pursuits; for example cheerleading, moto-X or wake-boarding. 

With all of our Academy students we acknowledge the level of training, coaching and commitment which goes on outside of school.  The Meridan Sport Academy, is not designed to replace a coach or to train students, but instead provides them both with additional knowledge around becoming elite performers and uses their sporting gift to support their education. 

What is expected from the Meridan Sport Academy students? 

Students chosen to be a part of the Meridan Sport Academy must meet and maintain standards of performance, effort and behaviour, both within the program and across all subjects. Students who fail to uphold these standards will be subject to removal from the Academy. 

Entry into the Meridan Sport Academy is selective and very competitive. Students must: 

  • Demonstrate a commitment to improve their ability; 
  • Demonstrate an attitude that promotes sporting participation within the college community; 
  • Uphold academic standards that reflect genuine effort; and 
  • Uphold a high standard of attitude and behaviour.

When does the Sport Academy run?

The Program is run during the current STS curriculum time in: 

  • Year 7:  Session 4 every Thursday of the terms 2 and 4 
  • Year 8:  Session 4 every Wednesday of terms 1 and 3 

The Selection Process 

Sport Academy selection will consider the following criteria: 

  • Commitment to ongoing personal improvement 
  • Potential to gain a benefit from the program 
  • Effort and behaviour across all aspects of schooling 
  • Commitment to sporting achievement and leadership 
  • A willingness to engage in learning, being self-reflective and demonstration of self-improvement

Information of student suitability in these criteria will be gathered through an application process, via reporting and OneSchool reports, as well as discussion with classroom teachers. 

For more information regarding the enrolment process or other aspects of the Sport Academy program, please contact the College on 5490 2666.


Last reviewed 09 March 2022
Last updated 09 March 2022