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Student Leadership

Senior Secondary Student Leaders 2017  

​Senior Secondary Leaders ​Representatives
​SS Captains ​Tyler N and Kyra W
​SS Vice Captains Tysone R and Tayla B
​Deadly Leaders

​Kiah M, Isabella K, Julianna M, Kyle B and

Kohdi J-W


​Student Council Executive ​​Representatives
​Student Council President ​Lucy K
​Student Council Vice-President ​Marcus A
​Publicity and Media Officer ​Jessica M
​Business Services Manager ​Becky C


​Community Leaders ​​​Representatives
​SS Bradman ​Graham T
​SS Freeman ​Brayden D
​SS O'Neill ​Tara E
​SS Rafter ​Skye P

Junior Secondary Student Leaders 2017

​Junior Secondary Leaders ​Representatives
​JS Captains ​William S and Amelia T
​JS Vice Captains ​Jakob W and Chloe T
​Chaplaincy ​Brianna L-S


​Community Leaders ​Representatives
​JS Bradman ​Ella W and Shakira Q
​JS Freeman ​Shanaya C and Maddison S
​JS O'Neill ​Jyothy M and Zoe R
​JS Rafter ​Tayla L and Paris C

Primary School Leaders

At Meridan we are committed to developing the leadership potential of our students. Meridan State College Primary School encourages potential student leaders to join the Leadership Diploma Program.

The Leadership Diploma Program is available to all Year 5 students who wish to nominate for a Leadership position in Year 6. The Diploma has been established to guide students through the leadership journey at Meridan State College. Over several months beginning in June, participating students will work collaboratively and individually on demonstrating quality leadership skills and community service.

Students who wish to attain a leadership role at Meridan State College will need to meet the requirements of the Diploma and have it submitted by the end of September each year.

Primary Student Leaders 2017

​Primary Leaders Representatives
​PS Captains ​Campbell M and Chloe B 
​PS Vice Captains ​Cooper D and Charlie M


​Community Leaders ​Representatives
​PS Bradman ​Holly M and Thomas S
​PS Freeman ​Chloey A-P and Louis C
​PS O'Neill ​Brooke W and Caid R
​PS Rafter ​Lottie M and Aden P