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Bring Your Own Device (BYOx) Program


Meridan State College cultivates 21st century education through the use of digital technology. It is a tool that enriches pedagogy, enables the creation and building of knowledge between peers and allows in a diverse teaching and learning model. At Meridan State College, technology is no longer used just to research information, instead technology is used to,

  • Enable the delivery of the Australian Curriculum
  • Fulfil the Education Queensland Core ICT expectations
  • Promote student learning outside the classroom
  • Investigative learning in new and emerging technologies
  • Preparing students for an information technology driven world and so much more.

BYOx promotes the above, allowing students to have access to the necessary technology when and where they need it, using a device that best suits their learning style and capabilities.

As part of the Department of Education, Meridan State College is equipped with internet access for students that is monitored and filtered. But, we also support parents that wish to take an interest in their child’s cyber safety and monitor their online activity on their BYO devices outside of the college. However, it is unfortunate that most cyber safety products interfere with network connectivity here on the EQ network environment.

For parents who are interested in additional cyber safety capabilities, products that are known to work within the EQ environment include:

Products that are known DEFINITELY NOT to be compatible are:

Minimum Device Specifications for BYOx Program

To view the full device spcifications please refer to the Minimum Device Specifications for BYO Program fact sheet located in our related links panel.

Please note:

  • Surface RT, Windows 10 S / S Mode, Google ChromeOS and Android are NOT SUPPORTED Operating Systems. – Please follow the instructions here to “switch out of S Mode”
  • Parents and Carers; Please note, the new Microsoft Surface Pro X is not compatible with our school network procedures. It is also not compatible with many of the currently available software packages on the market as it uses an ARM based processor technology. If you wish to look for a Microsoft Surface Tablet, please look at the Surface Pro (Intel), Surface Go or Surface Book as an alternative.
  • Devices that have 64GB or less hard drive space do not have the necessary storage for additional software and OneNote Notebook synchronisation - e.g. HP Stream.
  • Devices that have an Intel Atom or Intel Celeron Processor have processor limitations which will impact on the student’s learning experience and software capabilities.
  • Anti-virus products from vendors AVG, Avast and Total AV are known to interfere with internet connectivity on the college network. Please don't install or subscribe to these services.

Purchasing Your BYO Device

  1. Parents can purchase from their desired supplier (online or brick and mortar store). All warranty and service issues will be the parents’ responsibility. Meridan State College has no involvement in these arrangements.
  2. Parents can purchase through one of our supplier portals links below. Dell and Acer have provided portals for online purchasing, which include 3 year onsite warranty repairs at Meridan State College. Parents will need to follow the vendor process to log a warranty claim.
  3. Parents wishing to purchase an Apple product should visit the Apple Education Portal through the below link. Warranty claims are handled by the AppleCare Support team. Parents are responsible for warranty and servicing.

Vendor Portals

To purchase via one of the vendor portals, please click on the vendor of your choice (note, order is not indicative of preferred supplier status. All links below will open in a new external browser).

The School Locker on-line store all devices on this portal are supported on the Meridan network and meet all departmental requirements. These devices and advice are also available from The School Locker store in Maroochydore.

Dell Portal Site Please use this access key and password to enter the Meridan State College portal: Access Key - meridansc / Password - meridansc Note: You will find a PDF document containing the step by step guide in the related links panel on this page.

Acer Education Portal all devices on this portal are supported on the Meridan network and meet all departmental requirements.

Apple Education Portal all devices on this portal are supported on the Meridan network and meet departmental requirements. Please also note Paralells and Windows will need to be purchased in order for some necessary college software to run.

HP Vendor Portal all devices on this portal are supported on the Meridan network and meet departmental requirements.