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Excellence Programs

Meridan State College is committed to inspiring excellence across the diverse and creative learners that are part of our P-12 learning community.  Our Programs of Excellence focus particularly on targeted teaching for identified students and adds an explicit layer to the core approach to differentiation and extension of all students in regular community core classes and elective subjects.

Gifted and talented students benefit from enrichment and extension opportunities to develop in-depth knowledge and understanding. We also believe that by maintaining a strong engagement in students’ talented areas (eg. Dance, Music, Sport, Italian, Problem Solving…) through Junior Secondary, that students will maintain a higher level of overall engagement to their learning, develop deeper understanding and higher levels of cognition (making links in a constructivist sense) and build strong foundations for high level performance in Senior Secondary pathways and beyond. 

Meridan SC has two Programs of Excellence, Immersion Classes and Extension Programs.

Immersion Classes

Immersion Classes are formed in year 7 and consist of groups of students that have all met the selection criteria and are gifted in the targeted area. These classes cover the same curriculum program as other classes in their year level, but due to the capability of these students and mastery of core areas (eg. Literacy and Numeracy) they have the opportunity to explore curriculum concepts to a deeper extent and/or through a more specified contextual approach (eg. Dance).  These programs also accommodate some extra projects and activities as they cover the core curriculum in less time.

Currently Meridan has two immersion classes: Masterclass and Dance Immersion. Immersion classes run for Years 7, 8 and 9.  Each of these programs are outlined in this document.

Each student enrolled in an Immersion class is expected to study one Extension Program.

Extension Programs

Extension Programs allow students to extend their knowledge and skills in a specific key learning area.  Currently Meridan has four Extension Programs: Dance, Italian, Music and Sport.  


Extension programs run for Years 7 & 8 and then lead into Year 9 and Senior Secondary elective programs.


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